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Smoid on 14th May 2006 - 08:33

Yay speedcubing... and Canada! :) hehe
Thomas Stadler on 27th April 2006 - 20:05

Hi again,
i've updated my site. You will find it on:
its written in german but... one day i'll tranlate it.
P.S. Look at my own notation method!!

Bas on 18th April 2006 - 21:22

Thanks Ron! The silicone spray worked =] The cube is a lot faster now. I am twice as fast as a few days ago now
cubin_dude on 17th April 2006 - 15:03

does anyone know where i can get a rubik magic ,other then rubik.com and ebay?
gosti@lpv.lv on 17th April 2006 - 12:09

Fabulous site.
Ron on 15th April 2006 - 23:39

Hi Bas,

First you could try to lube your cube with silicon spray (non oil based).
Or you could contact me at ron@speedcubing.com. I live in Almere.

Have fun,


Bas on 15th April 2006 - 17:01

Anybody knows if there are good 3x3x3 cubes available in the Netherlands for speedcubing? I got my first cube yesterday and now i solve them in 5 minutes average. But turning the cube requires a lot of force and this is slowing me down too much.
Ron on 2nd April 2006 - 21:22

You can buy Magics at rubiks.com
cubin_dude on 2nd April 2006 - 15:15

I NEED a Rubik's Magic, and I have looked at many web sites but I just can't find one. Any one know where i can get one( a web site please :) )
Wonkewlgurl on 29th March 2006 - 17:03

wow, cubin_dude, that sux. I guess u have 2 or 3 choices. 1. Keep searching for the piece. 2. Buy a new 5x5x5 cube. 3. You may be able to buy a replacement piece for the one you're missing. I dunno if they are sold, you'd have to talk to someone who knows more about cubes and parts.
cubin_dude on 24th March 2006 - 20:46

great, my 5x5x5 broke and im missing a piece
oh well

Wonkewlgurl on 23rd March 2006 - 16:58

Yesss!!! I finally moved from a 2x2x2 to a 3x3x3! I finished my first 3x3x3 at about 11:20pm last night. I didn't time it of course. I had a printout of directions on how to do a formula and it felt awesome. I got the printout from Jasmine Lee's Rubik's cube solution at: http://www.geocities.com/jasmine_ellen/RubiksCubeSolution.html. Thank you so much!!!
Thomas Stadler Schweiz on 21st March 2006 - 18:47

My site
Thomas Stadler on 21st March 2006 - 18:46

I'm writing a site for swiss cubers with roux method on german, swiss forum and other things around speedcubing. Look inside and give a comment. Take a look of my own notation.

Ron on 19th March 2006 - 10:33

For 2x2 assembling try this page by Katsuyuki Konishi:

Wonkewlgurl on 19th March 2006 - 02:49

Hey! Help me! My 2x2x2 popped and I dunno how to fix it. If u know a good illustrated page to help me, email it to me at Wonkewlgurl@aol.com
Carrie on 14th March 2006 - 16:14

Hey! A friend of mine introduced me to cubing on Saturday. He started me on a 2x2x2 thinking it would be easier to teach me methods on. So far my record it 47 seconds as of today. Nice website!
yo on 23rd January 2006 - 03:05

you guys are huge dorks ill shove a rubix cube up your pasty white ass
Wolfie on 17th January 2006 - 17:23

you guys want a real challenge solve this puppy in 4 seconds XD


it's a 4d rubix cube, im only able to get about 3 parts of it complete

Mike(again) on 17th January 2006 - 04:26

... at wazowskilovespigs@hotmail.com I wish all of you luck! Thanks

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