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Marc Anderson on 22nd March 2009 - 01:36

Great work, very comprehensive! Check out my animated beginner's solution at www.howtocube.com.
Thomas Noone on 1st January 2009 - 20:45

Thanks so much Ton, Ron, Chris, Pete, and anyone else I might have missed. This is now my favorite website! you seriously helped my cubing career!
bill o reilly christmas on 16th December 2008 - 22:05

Hi there! Your site is cool!
Blake Neal on 12th December 2008 - 03:53

I am fairly new to the rubiks cube i have been solving it for a couple months I have shaved my time all the way to 52.6 seconds can anyone reccemmend some algorithims? Please send to Blakecooldude@cfl.rr.com
Rik Brown on 25th November 2008 - 17:59

Great site ! Thanks so much.
Jono tuka on 21st November 2008 - 05:28

i love rubiks cube.. it get rids of my boring time
fcwy1 choo on 30th June 2008 - 10:48

i wouyld like 2 request that an official WCA competition be held in singapore.
who do i contact?
email me at fcwy1@hotmail.com

Greg Yogan on 18th June 2008 - 05:00

I just solved my first 3x3 cube today after being at it for about 3 days. Now i'm caught on the Rubik's craze!
Bill Selevan on 23rd May 2008 - 12:34

my test message number 4
Taylor Hodges on 30th April 2008 - 06:42

Just solved it for the first time, i have fallen in love and I am proceeding to spend every dime i have on Cubesmith stickers and trying to get some decent DIY cubes, maybe et it to under one minute using the LBL method.
Jonina Villegas on 10th April 2008 - 15:25

Hi to everyone! I recently got addicted to my 3x3x3 and it's so fun! Although I only managed to solve it at first by those algorithms provided by http://peter.stillhq.com/jasmine/rubikscubesolution.html
, I still am proud to say that I can work without it and manage to create formulas of my own. I really worship THE CUBE! mabuhay to all those cubers out there! May you find happiness... ;)

Keith Clancy on 3rd April 2008 - 09:30

Hi fellow cubers :) I'm looking for a blind mans cube from the 80's. They have the plastic tiles with raised shapes instead of the usual stickers. Can anyone out there help me please!?

You can contact me at keithrx3c@hotmail.com

Cheers, Keith ;)

Cube geek on 1st April 2008 - 15:55

I am having a Rubiks cube comp. in Houston,TX

go to www.cubegeek.net for more info

Nicolai D. Abana on 3rd December 2007 - 00:44

my fastest time is 17.80 sec...its only luck...! but i can solve the cube in less than 1 min...hhmhmh 55 secs...but my constant is 1 min 05 secs
Cuber z26 on 10th November 2007 - 17:29

This site rocks. My best time is 19 secs. and I plan to get better. i am cubing at a young age. My best friend is a cuber but cannot solve the cube. ( also, my cousin supports me.
Vernon Rodriguez on 19th October 2007 - 18:50

Hello to all! Keep cubing, get notice, spread the word!!
Go Cubers aroung the World. Go PCA (Philippine Cubers Association)

Logtar on 18th October 2007 - 06:58

New cuber, trying to start speeding!

greatauror28 on 11th September 2007 - 11:32

i'm speedcubing for about 3 months now...my fastest 3x3x3 record is 51 secs...vist pinoyspeedcubers.com...
souperman123 on 10th September 2007 - 21:28

ok so i am also new to speedcubing but for puzzle cubing i can solve a 3x3x3 a 4x4x4 and a 5x5x5 and i figured out how to do the 5x5x5 on my own!!! (accidentally) i am so awesome cuz my speedcubing best is about 33 seconds or less and i didnt record tho for that... its an estimation...
EKM on 1st August 2007 - 04:10

I'm fourteen years old and new to speedcubing, my record is 55 seconds on the 3x3x3 and this site rocks

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