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EKM on 1st August 2007 - 04:10

I'm fourteen years old and new to speedcubing, my record is 55 seconds on the 3x3x3 and this site rocks
vergel serrano on 22nd July 2007 - 17:14

hi everyone. i'm one of the very FEW people in the world who is interested in solving the rubik's cube. the first time i tried solving it was about 22 years ago. from time to time i still play with my cube and it's really fun no matter how long you solve the puzzle. by the way, my best time is 1 min and 52 sec and i don't believe i can do better than that. no matter how i tried i can't lower my time. but it's really fun so as long as there is avail rubik i will still play with it.
lester santos on 25th June 2007 - 04:54

heres the PCA forum site: http://pinoyspeedcubers.forumotion.com
lester santos on 25th June 2007 - 04:53

Hi im a filipino cuber we have a association here in the Philippines, it Philippine Cubers Association (PCA) we are proud to say that we our pinoy speed cubers. can we add our forum site in the links? International Organisations or to Clubs, forums and chatrooms. thanks a lot! more power to cuber's around the world
cerium50 on 18th May 2007 - 14:44

Un très beau site, longue vie au rubik's cube!!!
maria haxton on 14th May 2007 - 20:11

i just recently learned about speedcubing and think it is amazing. i myself have never soved the rubiks cube but i am well on my way. keep doing what you do. and never let anyone tell you that you can't do something!!!
kawiezel on 12th May 2007 - 18:26

btw. got mine yesterday and it took me about 6 hours (without help and it being first overall cube as well)
kawiezel on 12th May 2007 - 18:22

hey everyone i have a question. how long did it take you to do the 5x5 your first time ? thanks for every answer!
core on 26th March 2007 - 03:23

Hi Bas-

Instead of the silicone stuff you might also want to try the genuine Rubik's cube lube. You can find it in large quantities at [url]http://www.cubelube.com/[/url]

Cubinman on 9th March 2007 - 01:55

guys, check out the fourms, no ones ever there!!!!!
Krapf on 3rd February 2007 - 20:16

This is very cool site! I like especially the unofficial world records.
cubin_dude on 2nd February 2007 - 23:09

WOW, not many ppl come here. i got a jumbo 2x2 from a guy at school for aolving his 3x3 and his other 2x2( he had two of them)
i saved $10!

Joe on 27th January 2007 - 16:14

Very nice site i love it
MILKY WAY on 20th January 2007 - 23:13

Now that the Top 20 seems to be under 10 seconds my 8 second time does'nt sound so unbeleavable anymore. Congratulations to everyone.
Ron on 20th January 2007 - 14:58

@S. Vaughn: Cubing is for all people of all ages.
S.Vaughn on 19th January 2007 - 23:18

Do you have to be asian to solve the rubik? I think so.
Barny the bear on 10th January 2007 - 23:45

awesome site dude
onyeze on 9th December 2006 - 12:28

good site i deyyyyyyyyyyyy
Olivier on 2nd December 2006 - 07:57

It's a marvelous website!
But you need to update the results of UC Berkeley Fall Competition 2006, isn’t it?

Gdoss108 on 28th November 2006 - 18:20

thanks to you and http://peter.stillhq.com/jasmine/JasmineLeeBeginnerRubikSolution.pdf
I am a cube freak!
P.S. My fastest so far is 1 min. and 43.56 sec.

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