Databases and resources for different events, from beginner lists to advanced algsets

Important note: this page is for convenience, but does not contain (by far) all nor necessarily the best algs for each specific event or method, refer to the algs links in the next section for more thorough lists of algs!


Here are a number of repositories with a lot of different algs, algsets for many events. These are much better curated and though through lists than the list you find above


The major repository of cubing algs for multiple events, different methods and subsets


Older and very complete repository for 3x3, 2x2 and Square1 algsets, with 6000+ algs, last updated in 2018


New and developing repository for 3x3 algsets (mainly) plus a few other events, with 3700+ algs, last updated in 2023

Tao Yu's Sheets

The twin resource to Tao Yu's trainer, here are the sheets with all the most relevant 3x3 algsets from beginner to advanced


From the most popular cubing YouTuber, a number of algsets for 3x3, OH, 2x2 and 4x4, last updated in 2023


Repository of a ton of different algsets for surprisingly many events, last updated in 2020


From the GOAT himself, Feliks’ algs for 3x3 and for OH and Big Cubes, last updated in 2021 

Juju's ZBLLs

From the queen of OH, one of the most complete resources for ZBLL with algsheets and other tools, if you're serious about ZBLL have a look!

Cubehead PLLs

From another popular cubing YouTuber, a PLL sheet that has been used by many new cubers, last updated in 2020


Small repository with algs for 4x4, 5x5, Skewb alongside some 3x3, last updated in 2020

Teri's Algsheet

From one of the most flamboyant cubers around, a number of different and selected algsets, last updated in 2023

Jeed's Algs

From one of the staples of the r/cubers discord, a summary of several algsheets and other tools, last updated in 2023

Sevilz's Sheets

From the king of weird methods (from fingerless to belt), a number of Roux and Virtual Cube algsheets, last updated in 2023


Older resources from a great cuber who has moved to higher level documentary and filmmaking, last updated… several years ago

Sarah's Cubing

Older repository for many events, from Megaminx to Pyra and Skewb, with big cubes in between, last updated in 2016