Online places, forums, servers, where cubers meet, discuss and learn from each other 


One of the most complete sites on twisty puzzles around, saying it is just comprehensive is almost a joke


The main cubing subreddit, with 135k subscribers, is one of the main hubs for cubing discussion and one of the largest groups on Reddit as a whole


One of the most active places for cubing, with its forum, its weekly competitions and everything else in between

r/Cubers Discord server

A more dynamic, slightly more deranged place for people who want instant interaction with other cubers 

Roux Method Speedsolvers Discord

Great place to meet people passionate about Roux and its quirks 

ZZ method solvers Discord

Great place to meet people passionate about the ZZ method 

Senior Cubers Worldwide

If you're over 40 and cubing (hello fellow geezers!) this is the place for you, with weekly comps and a  space to raise the average age of the community 

Event-specific servers and more

From Ram Thakkar, an excellent break-down of 10 or more Discord servers for specific events and more general servers

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