Scrambles and moves for official and unofficial world-class level solves by the fastest cubers

The reconstruction database

What are reconstructions?

Reconstructions are the fruit of the painstaking labour of people who observe videos of important solves and note down, often frame by frame, all the moves that went into the solve itself. This is done from mostly amateur videos and smartphone recordings during comps, with people walking in front of the camera, cubers dropping their cube, and other challenges that sometimes require some inspiration to fully reconstruct how the contender solved the cube. 
What they ALSO are, is an incredible tool for learning how the fastest among us solve specific cases and scrambles, and to compare the strategies we’d use to theirs and, maybe, learn something new each time.

Who makes that possible?

A number of heroes participate to reconstructing in a sometimes ludicrously short time the solves from the latest competitions, championships and matches. Among many others, two legends have reconstructed the largest amount of solves (a massive majority of them, as it happens) :

This is where most of the people active in the Reconstruction scene discuss, exchange and learn from each other