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The Rubik's Revenge was a puzzle introduced in the early 80's after the big Rubik's Cube craze. Instead of the usual 3x3x3 design the Revenge has 4 cubes on every side. This adds some interesting qualities to the cube. On the Revenge you can switch two centers and leave the rest of the cube solved. However on the Rubik's Cube you can't switch just two centers, the minimum that you can switch on the Rubik's Cube is four. You also have to not only solve the centers on a Rubik's Revenge but you have to put them in the right spots. My method for solving the Revenge is complete and has no holes in it so you will be able to solve your Rubik's Revenge every time from any legal scrambled position.

In this method I will assume that you can already solve the Rubik's Cube (3x3x3). If you cannot solve the original Rubik's Cube then you will only be able to half solve your Rubik's Revenge. If you need to learn how to solve the Rubik's Cube then click here to go back to my Rubik's Cube page.

First lets get to know what the different parts of the cube are called. One side of the cube is called a face. There are six faces on the cube, front, back, down, up, left, and right. The whole section that is attached to each face that you can turn is called a slice. The Individual pieces are corners, edge pieces, and center pieces.

In order for me to be able to tell you specific moves to do on your cube you'll need to be able to read what I'm saying. The notation I will be using looks like this, F f B b L l R r U u D d. Capital letters stand for the outer faces such as the front face, back face, down face, etc. Lower case letters stand for the faces just behind the outer ones, such as the inner front face, inner back face, inner down face, etc. Here are a few diagrams to show were each face is and how each can turn. The faces turn on the dark lines.

When doing the moves a letter by itself means a clockwise move. R would mean to turn the right face clockwise. f would mean to turn the inner front face clockwise. R ' would mean to turn the right face counter clockwise. An appostraphy next to the letter denotes a counterclockwise turn. R ² means to turn the right face twice, either two clockwise turns or two counterclockwise turns, however you want to look at it. Whenever making a move do the move as if you were looking directly at that face. For example the move B ' would be done as if you were looking directly at the back face. The move d ' would be done as if you were looking directly at the down face. Here is an example of an algorithm that I might give you.

F L ' U ² l '

Here is what you would do to your cube,

While going through my solution some of the diagrams may have gray areas on them, here is an example,

These gray areas show colors that you should not be worried about in that particular step. In this example this is a picture of how to put the blue yellow edge piece in next to the other blue yellow edge piece in the top face. All the gray colors are parts of the cube that don't involve moving the blue yellow piece next to the other blue yellow piece so they should be ignored for this step.

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Solution Moves Lists