How to change your color settings

If the picture above is showing two yellow faces on the sides and one blue face on the top then that means you're color setting is set too low to be able to see my solution page. To fix this here is what you do (you may want to write this down on a piece of paper or if you would like to print this screen then click on File at the top then Print). First you have to minimize all open windows until you are looking at the desktop. Now position your mouse on the desktop so it is not near any icons or shortcuts and click the right mouse button. This will bring up a small menu. Now move your mouse to the bottom of that menu and click on "properties". This will bring up a window on your screen. At the top of this window you will see some tabs with different labels, click the one that says "Settings" Now another screen should appear inside that window. Look for a pull down menu labeled "Colors". Click to open that menu and select the option that says, "High Color [16-bit]". Then hit ok at the bottom of the window. It may come up with a little message that says "Would you like to restart your computer?" Choose to apply setting without restarting. Then open your browser again and reload the page (Ctrl + R). The image above should now show the colors, yellow, orange, and blue. If you're using a lap-top and the colors still look the same then adjust the angle of your screen to fix this.

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