Dutch Cube Day 2002

03Lunch time:
Peter Jansen, Lars Vandenbergh, Mirek Goljan, Jos de Laat, Jessica Fridrich, Ingeborg Struijk, Dan Gosbee, Jaap Scherphuis, Olly Hayden
04Jessica showing some finger tricks:
Lars, Peter, Mirek, Jessica.
05Everyone focused on the cube:
Lars, Ton Dennenbroek, Jessica, Peter
06Olly, Lars
07Two very fast cubists posing:
Ron van Bruchem and Jessica.
09Another two very fast cubists posing:
Jessica and Dan
10Group photo:
Tony Fisher (famous puzzle designer), Olly, Lars, Jessica, Mirek, Ton, Ron and Peter
11Group photo:
Tony, Olly, Lars, Jessica, Mirek, Dan, Ton, Ron and Peter
17Cutting the self made cube cake:
Anthony and Laura Greenhill. Delicious cake!
Tony playing with his awesome giant cube.
18Ton behind his puzzle table.
19Hendrik Haak
20Some of Hendrik's merchandise. Great stuff!
21Nanco Bordewijk checking out some interesting puzzles.
22Famous designer Marcel Gillen from Luxemburg
23Some beautiful wooden puzzles.
24Some beautiful Russian puzzles. The wooden puzzles were great craftmanship.
25Tony behind his new creations. He is a genius.
26More puzzle tables and collectors.
27Tony with his Hexagonal Prism.
28Tony with his Golden Cube.
29Wil Strijbos
30More tables and puzzle enthusiasts.
31Anthony Greenhill, designer. Double Cheese is his newest design.
32Ton's merchandise.
33Ton's merchandise, different angle.
35Hendrik and his merchandise.
36Olly and his ever lasting smile.
37Jos and Ingeborg, puzzle collectors.
38Milan Vodicka, collector of puzzles. He sold some very beautiful spider in cage puzzles.
39Lunch time = speed cube time
40Jaap, Dan, Olly, Ron, Jessica
41Peter showing his fantastic dexterity:
Ron, Lars, Peter.
42"You can try my cube, if you want to"
43Dan with his beautiful cube shirt, and Olly fully concentrated.
44Dan and Olly.
45Lars and Peter.
46Mirek and Jessica.
Mirek showed his skill going for fewest moves. He is a master in looking ahead. His average is about 41 to 42 moves taking a few minutes per cube.
47Mirek, Jessica, Jaap, Dan and Olly in the canteen.
48Jaap's shaving-apparatus out of order?
49Ron and Peter.