Dutch Cube Day 2003

01In the parking lot in front of the ASML building 7.
02Registration. Being speakers Ton and Ron didn't have to pay the 10 euro entrance fee. The fee included coffee/tea/cake and a lunch of soup and bread.
03Setting up the tables. There were about 30 tables with puzzles for display/trade/sale. There was also a table for the Dutch Cubist Club library and a table for trying the official speedcubing timer.
04Overview of part of the tables.
05Ton Dennenbroek stands proudly behind his table.
06The R2-D2 puzzle prototype, of which there are only a couple in the world.
Also Ton's 7x7x7 cube which works like a normal 3x3x3. It is actually a 3x3x3 cube with solid 3x3x3 cubes in place of the corners.
07The Lohe brothers: Chris and Thomas.
08Some wonderfully crafted wooden puzzles.
09Chris Lohe checking out Milan Vodicka's merchandise.
10Stefan Pochmann testing the official speedcubing timer. On the left is his friend Maria. On the right is one of the best British cubists: Dan Harris, organizer of the weekly Fewest Moves Challenge.
11Lunch time. Thanks to organizer Ale Sytsma for making this all possible.
12Dan, Jaap Scherphuis and Peter Jansen.
13Ton testing the timer. He has improved his speed a lot recently. But when using the timer it is much more difficult, with extra pressure.
14Stefan showing his amazing skills on Skewb.
15Dave Hedley Jones from Seventowns showing off with someone else's time. Ron is in the back.
16Getting ready for the speedcubing competition. With more than 50 people watching there was a lot of pressure and nerves. From left to right: Tony Fisher (famous puzzle designer), Stefan, Ton, Dan, Lars Vandenbergh, Peter and Koen Heltzel.
17Jaap handing over a scrambled cube to Ton.
18Wei Hwa-Huang, quadruple puzzle world champion, and Nick Baxter, USA puzzle team captain, were able to visit Dutch Cube Day because it happily coincided with their trip to the 2003 World Puzzle Championship in the Netherlands. Thanks for the puzzle, Nick!
19Wei Hwa-Huang trying to solve the 4x4x4 cube.