European Rubik's Games Championships 2004

Fewest Moves competition

First round, time limit: 90 minutes

Scramble: RF'U'BD'   U2RF'D2U'   B'D2L2R2F   U2L'ULU2   F'U'F2U2B

CompetitorSolution# moves
Zbigniew ZborowskiUL'D2B'F2L2FL2D'L2DR'LBL'B2L2BLB'L2BR2 UB'U'BLBL' B2 U'FUBU'F'U38
Per Kristen FredlundBL2F2R'U2F2D2 F'U'LD'L'U2L'D'LU'B'D'BU'D'BD2B' LUL'DLU'B'U'BD2B'UBD2L'U'41
Dan HarrisLB'F'D2L B'UB D' B'U'B U2FU'F' BUB'UR'U'RU'F'UF2RUR'U'F' R2d'R'rd2R'rd'R2U'42
Guus Razoux-SchultzL'U'L'F'U2RBR' BD'B2DF2R'B'R L'B'D'B'DB'L UB2U2B'U2B'U2B2U BF UF2D2RD2F2U2LU43
Klaas SteenhuisU'R2BR'F2L2 DFD'F' D2U2RD'R'U'FD'LD2L'F'U' L'F'D'FDL2DBD'B'L'DR2B2R'F'RB2R'FR'44
Hans van der Zijdenx2 R2FB2L2R2URL'ULB'U'B2U2B' U2F'UFRUR'U2 LU'L'ULUL2 U'B'UBLU2 F'L'BLB'FU'B'UB46

Final round, time limit: 90 minutes

Scramble: F2D'B'F2D   L2UB2L2D'   URF2D2B2   R'F2D2BU'   F'U2B'D'F

CompetitorSolution# moves
Zbigniew ZborowskiB'DR'B'L'B2U'L'UB'U'F' BRD'R'B'DB2D' L'BRB'LBR2BRDB31
Guus Razoux-SchultzD'BU2R2L'U'B'U2 B2L'B2L'U'L'U DF'D2F'U2FD2 F'U2F BD'F2DRL'F2LR'DF'B'LD'L240
Per Kristen FredlundB'UB2 DRF UD2B' DF2 U'D2 R'UR UD L'U'L UD' B'U'B2 ULU'L' B' U'D FR'U2RF'R'FU2F'R43
Dan HarrisL2U'LDR'D FD'L'D2 d RU2R'ULUL' R'u'R'uR y RU2R2FRF'U2R'FRF' RUR'U'R'FR2U'R'U'RUR'F'U49

Note: small letters mean move the side including the middle slice (so u means moving upper two layers).
Note: xyz mean rotations over the x, y or z axis (not counted as moves).