European Rubik's Games Championships 2004

One month before Euro 2004

On july 7, 2004, one month before Euro 2004, we sent the message below to all registered competitors.

Dear competitors,

There is only 1 month left before the European Rubik's Games Championships 2004 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

The organisation team is very busy arranging all details of the championship.
We are proud to have a good quality field, with competitors registered from 16 countries. Some of the events almost reached the maximum number of competitors. We do expect more people to register in the last few weeks before the competition.

We are working together with the organisation team of the US Nationals 2004 to define the rules for Euro 2004, US Nationals 2004 and future competitions.
These rules will be established by the World Cube Association that will be founded later this year by some cube enthusiasts. More information on the progress of these rules can be found here:
Word document with current rules.
The rules will not be very different from the rules for the World Championship 2003 in Toronto. We will be more precise in applying these rules.

As stated before, competitors can only use Rubik's brand puzzles. If you do not have Rubik's brand puzzles, then you can borrow a slightly prepared puzzle from the organisation team. Of course you can also buy Rubik's brand puzzles from the licensee in your country or from
You can use any colour scheme for puzzles, but if your stickers are damaged we will ask you to change the stickers (we have several sets available for free).

Not many of the competitors registered gave us the details about which hotel they will be staying in. We did receive some comments, especially from young competitors, that the price for the hotel rooms was high. If you are interested in sharing a room with another competitor, then please let us know. We may be able to connect you with another competitor. Most competitors that we know of registered in Botel and Ibis hotel. There are some competitors who stay in Hotel Linda or on the Amsterdam camp site.
Most competitors will arrive on friday August 6, some will arrive earlier. If you arrive early and want to meet other competitors, then please let us know. We may arrange an early bird meeting on wednesday or thursday.

Registration will be on friday August 6 from 6pm in the lobby of the Ibis hotel. Don't forget to bring your passport or any other id-card.
During registration there will also be an opportunity to meet the other competitors and test the Stackmat timers. You can also let the organisation team test your puzzles for compliance to the rules.
If you have a good reason not to be able to compete on saturday in the saturday events (all preliminary rounds, except for the blindfold events), then you can compete on friday night.

The promotion campaign for Euro 2004 and Rubik's puzzles has started with a press release last week.
There will be media attention (press, tv, radio) for the championship, both before and during the championship. If you are willing to do promotion in your country, then please let us know.
All events in the theatre will be recorded on video.

A big championship like Euro 2004 cannot be held without volunteers!
We are still looking for some volunteers to help us during the competition.
If you are not competing in an event, then please offer your help for that event. If you are accompanied by friends or family, and they are willing to help, then they will have free entrance to the venue.
The tasks we have are: judging on stage in theatre, scrambling, judging Magic and Clock and Fewest moves in foyer and cabin, building up on friday afternoon, cleaning up on sunday night.
On friday night there will be a meeting for volunteers, where we explain everything.
So please let us know if you or your friends or family will be as kind as to help us.

We are looking very much forward to meeting you in Amsterdam.

Kind regards,

Ron van Bruchem
Euro 2004 organisation team