European Rubik's Games Championships 2004


Also check out the pictures from before the event.

Sorry, we do not have many pictures. We were too busy organising the event!
Check out Koen Heltzel's site for a great set of pictures (Media => Pictures section of his site).
More pictures on Lars Vandenbergh's site.
More pictures by Ton Dennenbroek.

Picture by Hans van der Zijden: overview of the stage.

Picture by Hans van der Zijden: overview of the preliminary round of the blindfolded competition.

Picture by Hans van der Zijden: our Swedish friends in the 'solving with feet' competition.

Picture by Hans van der Zijden: Ton (organiser) and Ron (head organiser) receiving a very nice book, with a 'thank you' note and autograph of Professor Ernö Rubik.

Sunday competition: Fewest moves contest, on the right is the WC 1982 runner-up Guus Razoux-Schultz. Guus finished second.
On the left is Zbigniew Zborowski, who became champion and set an official world record of 31 moves.

Sunday competition: Final of the 4x4x4. From left to right: Ron, Olivier, Lars and Frédérick.
Lars made a bad mistake in his first solve. He did set a new world record of 1:09.11 seconds in his last attempt.

Sunday competition: Ron in the final of the 5x5x5. His 2 good cubes were missing, so he had to use a very bad one... (no excuses)

Sunday afterparty: Our guests loved the Dutch 'bitterballen' snacks.

Sunday afterparty: On the front our Swedish friend Anders Larsson who was surprisingly beaten in the 'solving with feet' competition!

Saturday competition: outside the theatre everything was visible on a big screen.

Saturday competition: German Open 2004 organiser Patrick Bellenbaum and German master of the bigger cubes Oliver Wolff.

Saturday competition: view into the theatre.

Saturday competition: view of the stage, everything is recorded with a static camera.

Saturday competition: Wiktoria Zborowska, the youngest competitor (only 7!).
Wiktoria is the youngest person to have solved a Rubik's 4x4x4 cube. She solved it on stage in 6 minutes 51.04 seconds!

Saturday competition: judges getting ready for a new round.
Our volunteers did a fantastic job! Without volunteers there can not be a championship.
On the left with the black/red shirt is Asterix, the master caller.

Saturday competition: tension on the stage. On the left Olivér Nagy from Hungary, on the right Jan de Geus from The Netherlands.
Nerves had a big influence on the results.

Saturday competition: competitors waiting to compete.
We worked with groups of 8 competitors. 4 on stage and 4 waiting with a scrambled puzzle.

Registration on friday: Thomas Templier and Olivier Gaucher practicing.

Registration on friday: Informal get-together.

Registration on friday: from left to right: Matthew Burns, Dan Harris, Jaap Scherphuis, Lisa (girlfriend of Dan), Lars Vandenbergh,
Niels Sijm, Koen Heltzel, Stefan Pochmann, Per Kristen Fredlund.

Registration on friday: Stefan Bayens and Patrick Bellenbaum exchanging tricks.