European Rubik's Games Championships 2004


DateStart timeEnd timeLocationEventRound
Friday August 6, 200418:0022:00IBIS hotel, foyerRegistration, informal get-together 
Saturday August 7, 20048:309:20Nemo, foyerRegistration 
 9:3012:00Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube speed solving1st round
 12:3013:45Nemo, theatreRubik's 4x4x4 cube speed solving1st round
 13:1514:45Nemo, captain's cabinRubik's 3x3x3 cube fewest moves1st round
 14:0015:45Nemo, theatreRubik's 5x5x5 cube speed solving1st round
 16:0016:40Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube one-handed1st round
 16:5517:10Nemo, theatreRubik's Magic1st round
 17:1517:40Nemo, theatreRubik's Clock1st round
 19:0022:00IBIS hotel, foyerInformal get-together 
Sunday August 8, 20049:0011.00Nemo, captain's cabinRubik's 3x3x3 cube blindfolded solving1st round
 10:0011:30Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube fewest movesfinal
 10:0011:20Nemo, captain's cabinRubik's 4x4x4 cube blindfolded solving (overlapping)final
 11:2513:55Nemo, captain's cabinRubik's 5x5x5 cube blindfolded solvingfinal
 11:4012:40Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube speed solvingsemi final
 12:5013.10Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube with feetfinal
 13:2013.50Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube one-handedfinal
 14.0014:10Nemo, theatreRubik's Magicfinal
 14:1514.30Nemo, theatreRubik's Clockfinal
 14:3015.10Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube speed solvingfinal
 15:1515.35Nemo, theatreRubik's 4x4x4 cube speed solvingfinal
 15:4016.05Nemo, theatreRubik's 5x5x5 cube speed solvingfinal
 16:1016:35Nemo, theatreRubik's 3x3x3 cube blindfolded solvingfinal
 16:4017:00Nemo, theatreWinners ceremony 
 17:0020:00IBIS hotel, foyerInformal afterparty 

The above time schedule is provisional. Target is 14:30 on sunday for 3x3x3 speed solving final. All other events may change in case we cannot stick to the schedule.
On friday night there will be an opportunity to show your special tricks to the public in the foyer of the IBIS hotel.
You can also try out the Stackmat timers.