Competition hotel: Gerand Hotel Ventura ***

The official hotel for the European Rubik's Cube Championship 2010 is Gerand Hotel Ventura ***.
A large group of competitors will stay in this hotel.
The informal meetings will also be held in this hotel. So this is your best choice to stay.

Gerand Hotel Ventura ***
   Fehérvári út 179
   1119 Budapest
   Tel.: +36 6-1/208-1232
   Fax: +36 6-1/208-1241

Special room prices:
1st Category
Single room = 38 EUR / person / night; Twin room = 25 EUR / person / night
2nd Category
Single room = 32 EUR / person / night; Twin room = 20 EUR / person / night
3-bedded room = 18 EUR / person / night; 4-bedded room = 18 EUR / person / night
3rd Category
4-bedded room = 15 EUR / person / night
The prices include buffet breakfast and all local tax.
Usage of our closed parking area is free of charge.
Guests have a special price for use of the gym and the light-therapy sauna of Ventura wellness studio.
In the hotel you can have a very tasteful dinner for around 6 EUR.

For hotel bookings use the registration form and send it to hotel by fax or e-mail.

Gerand Hotel Ventura
Picture of the hotel

A bus stop is 150m from the hotel. The bus stop is Andor utca.
You can take buses 114, 213 or 214. They depart every 10 minutes and take you to the venue in 15 minutes (10 stops). The bus stop of the venue is Jókai Mór utca. (you can see a McDonalds and a Shell petrol station).
Bus tickets (one-way for 320 Ft) are available at the reception and must be activated by perforation in the bus.
Around the corner are a Tesco Express supermarket and a restaurant.
Text on the bus stop signs:
Munkanapokon = on weekdays
Hétvégén = during weekends
Hétfotol csütörtökig = from Monday to Thursday
Pénteken = on Friday

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  2. Boulevard Hostel (1)
  3. Aquarius Hotel (1)
  4. Etap Hotel (4)
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