Puzzle Building: Regulations (provisional)

  1. Each competitor (team) may enter a maximum of 5 different puzzles.
  2. A competitor (team) must be present during the event to be able to participate.
  3. Registration of the puzzles takes place from Friday October 1, 2pm until Saturday October 2, 10am with the event manager Jean-Louis Mathieu (France).
  4. Additional information on an A4 sheet is welcome, for example the history, description, how the competitor came to the design.
  5. Competitor (team) must have designed the puzzle him/herself. Modification of an existing puzzle (design) is accepted. Sticker variations are accepted.
  6. The puzzles must be in either of the categories: 1) hand-made or 2) 3D printed.

  7. The puzzles must be available from the start of the event to the end of the event.
  8. The puzzles must not have participated in other puzzle design competitions.
  9. The puzzles must not be available through mass production (yet). Decision by event manager.
  10. The puzzles must be fully playable, usable and solvable, without causing danger or harm.
  11. Pictures will be taken of each puzzle. These pictures may be printed and posted on the wall during the competition, and after the competition on the Euro 2010 website.

  12. Judging must be done by registered competitors and officials of Euro 2010.
  13. Each judge may enter one sheet with scores for the puzzles.
  14. Per sheet all puzzles may be given a score of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) on 4 aspects: originality, construction, artistic impression, solving difficulty/pleasure.
  15. Empty scores on a sheet are counted as the average of the scores of the category on the filled sheets.
  16. The total score per puzzle is measured, the higher the better.
  17. If any of the top 3 finishing puzzles has the same result as another puzzle, then the honours will be shared among these puzzles.