Czech Republic Rubik's Championship 2004

Prague, Czech Republic

Saturday 11 September, 2004

Note: The championship had an informal character. The official WCA regulations were not applied. Therefore the results are not listed on the World Ranking 2004.

Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube: First round

Format: 1 attempt, 6 proceed to final
1Patrik Desensky50 seconds
2Marek Dvorak1 minute 6 seconds
3Jakub Zadrazil1 minute 28 seconds
4Ms. Petra Uhlirova2 minutes 8 seconds
5Mrs. Milada Javurkova2 minutes 17 seconds
6Tomas Zadrazil2 minutes 51 seconds
7Mrs. Irena Militka4 minutes 17 seconds
8Tadeas Miler7 minutes 49 seconds

Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube: Final

Format: 1 attempt
1Marek Dvorak1 minute 11 seconds
2Jakub Zadrazil1 minute 27 seconds
3Patrik Desensky1 minute 32 seconds
4Mrs. Milada Javurkova2 minutes 4 seconds
5Ms. Petra Uhlirova2 minutes 8 seconds
6Tomas Zadrazil2 minutes 12 seconds