Dutch Cube meeting July 2004

Jaap Scherphuis's place, Delft, The Netherlands

Saturday July 3, 2004

On Saturday July 3, 2004 we had a nice cube meeting in Delft at Jaap Scherphuis's place.
It was an informal meeting with Ton Dennenbroek, Peter Jansen, Jaap Scherphuis, Koen Heltzel, Lars Vandenbergh, JoŽl van Noort and Ron van Bruchem.

We did a lot of practicing, talking and trying out Jaap's puzzles.

JoŽl won the handicap competition, where the best cubers had to add a number of seconds to their average.
The fastest average was set by Ron with 17.79 seconds and a best time of 16.86 seconds. Lars set the fastest time of 15.30 seconds.
We all felt the pressure of competing, which is a good experience for the upcoming European Championship in Amsterdam.
Lars was a bit tired because he had received his second degree on friday (party!).
Below you can find some pictures and the full results of the competition.


Peter, Ton, JoŽl and Lars practicing.

Jaap with his Rubik's Magic, consistently solving under 2 seconds!

JoŽl, who improved very quickly and kept his cool during the competition.

Ron preparing the results of the competition.

JoŽl, Jaap and Ton practicing.

Lars showing the 6 edge pair system for Revenge to Peter.

Competition results: Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube

Format: 5 attempts, average of all but fastest and slowest attempt, handicap (based upon Unofficial World Ranking) added to average.
PositionNameCountry1st2nd3rd4th5thBestWorstAverageHandicapTotal time
1JoŽl van NoortNetherlands26.1626.1738.2922.8920.1420.1438.2925.0706.0031.07
2Ron van BruchemNetherlands18.4021.3817.9216.8617.0516.8621.3817.7914.0031.79
3Koen HeltzelNetherlands22.2128.8128.3525.5423.6722.2128.8125.8506.0031.85
4Lars VandenberghBelgium21.8618.2919.1220.7115.3015.3021.8619.3714.0033.37
5Jaap ScherphuisNetherlands45.8838.5840.5651.5549.9838.5851.5545.47-12.0033.47
6Ton DennenbroekNetherlands36.3938.7126.2126.8828.9626.2138.7130.7403.5034.24
7Peter JansenNetherlands30.7826.4232.36DNSDNS26.4232.36DNF05.00DNF

2 seconds added for not a complete solve (1 move away): Ton's 1st attempt and Lars's 4th attempt.