Negative time solving contest

Yearly competition which takes place on the day that daylight saving time rolls back one hour

Sunday October 31, 2004

Rubik's 3x3x3 Cube: Negative time solve (most negative time)

Format: The single solve was done using the following scramble:
B F2 L U' B' D R2 L2 F L F D' F L' D2 B2 L' U2 B' F U' D' F' L' D'
PlaceNameCountryNegative Time
1Shotaro MakisumiJapan (done in USA)-59 minutes 42.25 seconds
2Tyson MaoUSA-59 minutes 42.04 seconds
3Chris HardwickUSA-59 minutes 41.32 seconds
4Doug ReedUSA-59 minutes 40.50 seconds
5Evan GatesUSA-59 minutes 40.38 seconds
6Dan HarrisUnited Kingdom-59 minutes 40.02 seconds
7Joseph LiaoUSA-59 minutes 37.62 seconds
8Chris HuntUSA-59 minutes 37.06 seconds
9Kyle AllaireUSA-59 minutes 36.86 seconds
10Paul LinUSA-59 minutes 28.30 seconds
11Johan HillerströmSweden-59 minutes 27.95 seconds
12James MertensUSA-59 minutes 25.02 seconds
13Shelley ChangUSA-59 minutes 24.03 seconds
14Stefan PochmannGermany-59 minutes 23.41 seconds
15Zev EisenbergUSA-59 minutes 23.21 seconds
16Eric WuUSA-59 minutes 19.19 seconds
17Thomas Le RouxFrance-59 minutes 16.55 seconds

Note: The above records will also be added to the Unofficial World Records Page negative time list.