World Rubik's Games Championship 2003

Ontario Science Centre, Toronto, Canada

The World Rubik's "Games" Championship
was held on august 23 and 24, 2003.
The venue was Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada.

The official world championship site is


Full resultsFull corrected results of the world championship.
Photo galleryAugust 20, 3 days before the championship
August 21, 2 days before the championship
August 22, 1 day before the championship
August 23, first day of the championship
August 24, final day of the championship
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Boston Globe article.
Article about world championship runner up Jessica Fridrich.
Article in The Canberra Times on Jasmine Lee.
Article on Chris Hardwick and Andy Savoy.
Article on Lars Vandenbergh, world champion Square-1.
Article on Dror Vomberg, world champion blindfold cubing.
Videos Video of 7 year old Wiktoria Zborowska at the world championship.
Videos of Masayuki Akimoto, world champion 4x4x4 and 5x5x5.
Video of Dan Knights, world champion 3x3x3.
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Sandy Thompson's pictures (day 2).
Ton Dennenbroek's pictures and report.
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Other stuff 1st part of Katsuyuki Konishi's 2003 world championship diary (translated from Japanese to English by Excite).
2nd part of Katsuyuki Konishi's 2003 world championship diary (translated from Japanese to English by Excite).

Katsu's WC2003 treasures page.
Claude Crépeau's lecture.
Official World Record in Guinness Book of Records.