Pictures from the World Rubik's Games Championship in Toronto

August 20 (3 days before the world championship)

Jaap Scherphuis, Peter Jansen and Ton Dennenbroek during breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Toronto Don Valley hotel.
Jaap, Ton, Peter and David Barr in the Galaxy Ballroom, where the saturday activities will be held.
Ton, David, Ron van Bruchem and Jaap in the Auditorium, where the finals will be held.
Jaap, David, Peter and Ton on the finals stage.
David, Jaap, Peter and Ton in front of the Ontario Science Centre.
Overview of outside of Ontario Science Centre.
Another group photo in front of the OSC.
Toronto's CN Tower.
Ron, Peter, David and Jaap watching the CN Tower.
David and Peter watching the Toronto Blue Jays take on the Seattle Mariners. Or are they watching their cubes?
Toronto Blue Jays versus Seattle Mariners.