Pictures from the World Rubik's Games Championship in Toronto

August 23 (1st day of the world championship)

Finally the long awaited 2nd world championship is ready to go.
Registration. With many handshakes. And seeing many faces behind nick names and e-mail addresses.
Restickering the cubes.
Trying out the timers on the stage.
Relaxing area. A bit crowded to concentrate...
Lecture by Claude Crépeau.
Claude Crépeau talking about different kinds of Rubik like puzzles.
5x5x5 competition underway.
Two documentary teams and a few tv stations are filming everything.
Hana Bizek and her cube art.
Mr. Rubik sent a personal thank-you to Dan Gosbee. On the back with his cube is David Allen, the winner of the second American championship in 1982. He proved to be a strong contender.
I would love to have that one...
Jessica Fridrich in action for the 3x3x3. It was nerve-racking, and many contestants were not doing their normal times.
Dinner with speedcubers and puzzle collectors.
Sandy Thompson showing maybe 20 percent of his huge Rubik-like puzzle collection.