Pictures from the World Rubik's Games Championship in Toronto

August 24 (final day of the world championship)

The stage of the final day.
Ton Dennenbroek in his first round appearance.
Patrick Hess from
David Wesley, solving-with-feet champion Anders Larsson, Jess Bonde and Rune Wesström in the first round.
The youngest competitor, Wiktoria Zborowska, 7 years old. She was really good and her fingers were fast. She beat several adults.
Jim Mittan solving blindfolded.
Semi-finals with more cameras and bigger audience. The pressure was on!
The top three speedcubists of the world: world champion Dan Knights, Jessica Fridrich and David Wesley.
The averages were really bad, but the pressure prohibited us from doing our normal thing. Dan was the coolest guy in the final. Congratulations Dan!
Jess Bonde set the best time of the competition: a new world record of 16.53 seconds.
World champion Dan Knights.
All female competitors. Next time we will have even more!
The after-party. Exchanging e-mails and signatures, and taking group pictures.
Dan Harris, 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 world champion Masayuki Akimoto, Ron van Bruchem and Jeff Goetz.
Betty Tregay, MegaMinx world champion Grant Tregay and Ron.
Katsuyuki Konishi and Ron.
Dan Gosbee, chief organizer. Thanks Dan!