Favorite Links

Top 12 links

Jaap's Puzzle Page Simply the best and most extensive page for solutions to any Rubik like puzzle, and more.
Chris Hunt's StrangePuzzle.com Great site with the best videos around, and a superb cube timer.
Katsuyuki Konishi's Planet Puzzle Katsu maintains a great and interesting site on speedcubing. I especially like his videos and his algorithms. The page is in Japanese, but you can translate it using Excite translator (copy the URL, click on the second radio button and then the big grey button).
Macky the Cubefreak Shotaro Makisumi is a young talented puzzle fan. He is a master at speedcubing, blindfolded puzzle solving and juggling. Watch his great videos!
Cubezone.be by Lars Vandenbergh Very interesting speedcubing site, by the European champion 2004.
Gilles Roux Gilles is very creative. Check out his funny cube videos.
Speedcubing.com.pl Polish version of speedcubing.com.
Stefan Pochmann Stefan is a great puzzle solver. His site is full of interesting and fun stuff.
Forum of TwistyPuzzles.com Interesting forum for puzzle collectors and designers.
Dan Harris CubeStation.co.uk Check out the cuber profiles on CubeStation.co.uk. Dan also hosts the FMC and much more!
Speedsolving.com Interesting forum on speedcubing.
Official Rubik's site On line games, shop, forum, news and other information.

New and updated links

Magnetic Cube Different types of Magnetic cubes
Cubo Mágico Brasil Main site of the Brazilian community.
Speedcuber.kilu.de German website with solutions, by Max Eland, Ralf Farkas and Lorenz Chen from Freiburg.
Speedcubers.de German website with forum.
Speedcubing.ro Romanian speedcubing site by Radu Faciu.
Cubikon.de By Michael Layher. Online shop for Brain-twisting Games.
Cutex.info By Yu Nakajima, World Rubik's Cube champion 2007.
Thailand Cube Interesting site in Thai, hosted by Chatchawan Jaruwattanakun.
Darubik.com Spanish site by multiple Spanish champion David Calvo Vivas.
CubeMir Russian site by Mikhail Rostovikov.
Cubegeek.net By Adit from Houston, TX.
Jason Baum's Cubing Site Very good site, with completely documented ZB system description and more.
V-Cubes Panayiotis Verdes invented and patented the designs of 6x6x6 and higher cubes. He also improved the designs of the 5x5x5 and lower cubes. Fantastic stuff!
Philippine Cubers Association Community of Philippine cubers.
SG Cubers Forum Community of Singapore cubers.
Rubik Timer By Benoît Tremblay.
Absolute Mind By Sébastien Felix. Advanced tricks for the experienced speedcuber. Great stuff!
Speedcubing.dk By Henrik Buus Aagaard.
Erik Akkersdijk's website By Erik Akkersdijk, winner of Czech Open 2007.
ThePublicVoid.com By Dan Knights, 2003 World Champion Rubik's Cube.
DeepCube.net By Evan Gates. Includes info on the fastest cube solving machine.
Cubemania Polish website, specialized in solving systems.
Cube Core 909 Interesting Korean site by the world record holder Yu Jeong-Min.
Cristiano's speedcubing web page Italian website by Cristiano Alba.
Speedcuber Profiles Speedcuber Profiles by Dan Harris
Cubemania Great new speedcubing site by Tomasz Piotrowski, with systems, algorithms, videos and more.
RubiksIllusions.com Nice site by Paolo Scalia, in Italian and English.
Ben Academy Under construction. Website of John Louis, International Grand Master of Memory. Father of J. Bernett Orlando.
Ryan Heise's cube pages Ryan invented several systems to solve the cube. Some of those are very interesting for speedcubing. Check out his site!
Speedcubing Schweiz Swiss site by Thomas Stadler.
Rubik's Cube Wiki Wiki about Rubik's Cube
J. Bernett Orlando's website J. Bernett is an amazing young cuber from India. With the help of his father John Louis (an international Grand Master of Memory), he became the youngest person to have solved a Rubik's cube blindfolded: 8 years old!
He is also very talented at solving any puzzle of any size. Watch him!
Nick Gehring's site Solution to 2x2x2 cube.
Michel Bechtatou's pages Michel is the German champion 2004 and 2005, and runner up at the European Championship 2004.
Thomas Watiotienne's site Nice French website
Tim Wylie's site Speedcubing progress, a cube program, a cube timer and some nice videos.
Radek Firlej's site Clear explanation in Polish, English and French of a beginner's system.

International Organisations

World Cube Association The international organisation for competitions in twisty puzzles.
Japanese Rubik's Cube Association The Japanese organisation for competitions in twisty puzzles.
Korea Cube Association The Korean organisation for competitions in twisty puzzles.
Polish Speedcubing Federation The Polish organisation for competitions in twisty puzzles.
SveKub The Swedish organisation for competitions in twisty puzzles.


International Yahoo Speedcubing club THE international forum about solving the Rubik's Cube. Please join the chatroom! Best time to meet us is during the weekends.
Jessica Fridrich's Speedcubing Page Lots of speedcubing information, like algorithms and hints.
Josef Jelinek's pages Rubikscube.info Great site with system descriptions (including Waterman system) and the best cube solving program: ACube.
Lars Petrus' Speed Solving Page A very good description of an interesting solving method. Including some mental and physical speed solving hints.
Olly's Cube Page One of the best pages about speedcubing. Check out his speedcubing hints!
Jess Bonde's Cube Pages (www.rubiks.dk) Jess Bonde set up an interesting site with various stuff. Check out his speedcubing videos and his de facto standard cube timer program!
Red Dragon (Syoji Takamatsu) Syoji has some great moves for LL in the speedcubing section of his site. Highly recommended.
Joël van Noort's SolveTheCube.co.uk Joël is a young cuber from The Netherlands. Reached top 20 within 9 months. Currently he is the Dutch Champion.
Richard Patterson's Rubik's Galaxia Richard Patterson is a very good puzzle solver. He is unofficial world record holder for Pyraminx. His Galaxia features detailed descriptions for beginners, masters and grandmasters for different puzzles.
Gaétan Guimond's pages Gaétan is a French speaking Canadian. His pages feature a good description of his method (great system for the corners!), and some nice videos of tv appearances.
Bob Burton's CubeWhiz.com Interesting website by Bob R. Burton.
Masayuki Akimoto's pages Masayuki is a great Japanese puzzle fan. He is a master of 4x4x4 and 5x5x5, but he is also very good at 3x3x3, using a slightly different system than most of us.
Zbigniew Zborowski's cube pages Zbigniew Zborowski is a very fast Polish speedcubist. He and Ron are learning a very advanced new system for speedcubing, which enables fewer moves and faster times. Check out Zbigniew's description of this system.
Andy Camann's cube site Andy is one of the fastest cubists in the world. He is still young, so we can expect a lot more from him.
Evan Gates' Deepcube.com Evan created the fastest cube solving robot. There is also other useful information on cubing.
Speedcubing diagrams Site with a few sets of algorithms for speedcubing. Includes pictograms for explaining the algorithms.
Joseph Liao's website Joseph is a talented US cuber.
Duncan Dicks' website Duncan is a former world record holder one-handed solving. Now he has an interesting website, with some very promising systems.
Rubiccubist weblog Great Japanese weblog with many videos and pictures, and daily updates. Hosted by Jun-ya Tomita.
Speedcubing.com Argentina Argentinian affiliate site of speedcubing.com. Hosted by Santiago Mansilla.


Jasmine Lee's Rubik's cube solution This is a very good solution: clear description and easy to learn system.
Courtney McFarren's pages Courtney has some very good and easy to learn solutions to different puzzles. Especially recommended for beginners.
Adam's Rubik Cube Solution A very nice, easy to learn 'corners first' system.
Mark Jeays' solution Easy to learn solutions. Thanks Mark!
BigCubes.com Great site with speed system for 4x4x4 and 5x5x5. Very clear descriptions.
Anzu's Puzzle solutions page Good solutions for different puzzles.
Ultimate Solutions Very interesting approach for solving cubes. By Philip Marshall.
Blindfolded solving By Michael Curtis.
Mike Tryczak Speed skewbing page Interesting pages including information the Skewb. By Mike Tryczak.
Bill McGaugh's blindfolded solving page "Simplest System for Blindfold Cubing"

Clubs, forums and chatrooms

French Yahoo Speedcubing club French speedcubing club and forum.
German Yahoo Speedcubing club German speedcubing club and forum.
Swedish Yahoo Speedcubing club Swedish speedcubing club and forum.
Italian Yahoo Speedcubing club Italian speedcubing club and forum.
San Diego Rubik's Cube Club on Yahoo Yahoo Forum for the San Diego Rubik's Cube Club, hosted by Adam Zamora.
Australian Yahoo Speedcubing club Australian speedcubing club and forum.
Polish Speedcuber Forum Forum for people who speak Polish. Hosted by speedcubing.com.pl.
International Yahoo club Corners First An international forum to talk about solving the Rubik's Cube "corners first".
El Cubo de Rubik de la A a la Z Great Spanish forum!
Dutch Cubists Club The site of the Dutch Cubists Club, founded in 1981. This is the biggest club, and it publishes a periodical magazine (Cubism For Fun) about puzzles (in English).

Puzzle Collections

TwistyPuzzles.com THE Virtual Puzzle Museum, great puzzle building information and a very interesting forum.
Milan Vodicka Milan is a puzzle collector from the Czech Republic. His puzzle site is in English and Czech. We met in Leiden, during the Dutch Cube Day 2002.
Rubiks.info This site shows a very good overview of different Rubik like puzzles.
CuboMania Great collection of puzzles.
Zauberwürfel Beautiful German collection of puzzles.
Casses-têtes en folie Beautiful French puzzle collection.
Pientere puzzels! A very nice collection of wooden puzzles. Created by Ale Sytsma.
Passion for Puzzles Nice collection of twisty puzzles. Created by Marcel van Leeuwen.
Juan Roure Espinosa's pages Juan is a great Spanish sub 20 speedcuber. He has a *great* collection of puzzles.
Puzzles of Leonid Mochalov Nice website with several interesting online (or printable) puzzles.


WCA Official Competitions page Information on all past and upcoming official WCA competitions.
Sunday Contest Jon Morris runs this weekly Sunday Contest. Join it, and compare yourself to others!
Saturday Contest Raul Garcia runs this weekly Saturday Contest. Join it, and compare yourself to others!
Fewest Moves Challenge Try to beat the fewest moves masters.
GottaCube.com By Caleb Lau. Hosts the weekly Monday Contest.

Other cube related

Mark Longridge's Domain of the Cube A very good site with lots of information on the cube and Mame.
Blake O'Hare's "A Nerd Paradise" Blake is a major nerd, and proud of it. Take a look at his mathematics and Rubik stuff.
Cubeland An extensive site with great information on the cube.
Richard Carr's pages Richard is a master in blindfold cubing, and solving huge computer cubes (like 12x12x12).
Michael Reid's site Nice site with lots of cube solutions and scientific cube information. Also a great tool to find an optimal solution to the cube.
Maarten Net Puzzle pages Maarten owns a great collection. There are also nice solutions and programs.
Justin Vining's Cube Page Justin made Purdue University in Indiana cube crazy. His site is growing each day, so check it out on a regular basis. Lots of stuff, including videos, pictures and algorithms.
Rube's cube pages Interesting cube related pages.
Grant Tregay's website Grant is a master of MegaMinx. Check out his videos.
Frank Morris' website Frank has various good cube stuff, especially his finger tricks for different algorithms.
Rubix Corner by Duane Cash Nice site about speedcubing, puzzle building and more. Duane's puzzles are now sold on www.rubiks.com!
Jon Morris' Rubik's Cube Page Jon, US Nationals Champion 2004, created a very good site with a great video and lots of algorithms.
Brent Morgan's Rubik's Cube Page Another interesting site from a talented young cubist.
Doug Li's SpeedCubing site Doug is a world class speedcubist. He uses a different approach for the final layer than most of us do.
Nathan Christie Learn to solve the first two layers (F2L) quickly, includes optimized algorithms for using only two faces. Also check out his videos.
Baseplace.nl Nice site by Koen Heltzel, a good Dutch speedcubist. Features a.o. fun videos.
Rubik's Canada Site by Justin Eastman, a very fast Canadian speedcubist.
Nathan Jellis's webpage Nathan posted some solutions for puzzles.
Lubethecube.net Nicely designed Italian site (in English) by Marco Dignani. His stickers are great!


Kondo Suehiro's pages Originally a Japanese page, now translated by computer to English (funny!). Kondo shows his interesting diary about his speedcubing progress.
Takahito Domon's pages A Japanese site with some good videos.
Yuki Hayashi's website Website from a great speedcuber from Japan. Yuki is extremely good at 4x4x4 (World Champion 2005) and very good at 3x3x3.
Cubemania Korea Interesting Korean site, hosted by Yang Ho Lee.
Chinese website Extensive Chinese website. I don't understand a single word on the site, but it looks like they copied a lot of content from speedcubing.com and other sites.
Bruno Jarno's pages Bruno set up some very interesting pages on the cube. Do no let the French language discourage you! It is worth while.
Julien Sanchez Julien explains different solutions. He also hosts a list of French speedcubing records.
Francocube.com By Cyrille Castella. Yet another good French site.
TrucsMaths Another good French site.
Omegalima And another good French site.
Elias Valencia A very good Spanish site, with solutions to different puzzles.
Kantenkreuz.de German solution to the cube.
Rubik's Zauberwürfel Interesting solution for 5x5x5, and more. Hosted by Markus Pirzer.
Korean cube videos Lee Jun-Kyo, Korean speedcuber, has a page with cool Korean cube videos.
Rubik Kocka Hungary Extensive Hungarian site with lots of media and other stuff. Available in Hungarian and English. Maintained by Olivér Nagy.
Great source to buy Rubik Studio puzzles.
David Antivilo David, a Peruvian cubist, shows some of his videos and is working on a solution page.
Jan Balhar Nice site from the Czech Republic.
Martin Javorek Another nice site from the Czech Republic.
Honzajan Yet another nice site from the Czech Republic.

Where to buy puzzles

Rubiks.com Many different puzzles for sale, good quality and perfect service.
Mefferts.com Uwe has some very interesting puzzles for sale.
Cubesmith.com The best place to buy stickers online. Real plastic stickers, not these bad paper stickers.
Puzzle-Shop.de Hendrik Haak sells puzzles on line too. Especially easy if you live in Europe.
cube4you.com Chinese webstore.
9spuzzles.com Chinese webstore.
Nonsolorubik.com Italian webstore.
SeriousPuzzles.com Good selection of puzzles, specialized in wooden and metal puzzles.
Kubuswinkel.nl Dutch online shop for Rubik and other puzzles.
Sara's Toystore Puzzle reseller in US.

Puzzle programs

Cube Explorer
by Herbert Kociemba
This is a fantastic program to find the shortest solution to a cube within the blink of an eye. Now also has the option to ignore pieces, which is very useful for finding algorithms.
David Barr's On line Cube Applet Puzzlingaddiction.com. A nice cube applet with built-in timer. Check out the top scores.
JNet Cube timer Simply the best timer.
Cyril Castella's Genetic Solver Interesting program that solves the cube using genetic algorithms.
Four dimensional cube Try to solve the on line 4D cube (different sizes).
Puzzles.com This is a fantastic site about puzzles, including a great collection of links to online puzzle programs.

Other puzzle stuff

ClickMazes.com Great site with information on maze puzzles. You can play some on line.
Spelmagazijn, Dutch Board Games Interesting Dutch site by Ronald Hoekstra, about different board games and competitions.
Dutch puzzle pages overview List of various Dutch language puzzle pages.