Rubik's Cube: Moves in 1 minute
1906 movesAdam WojtylaWell. I thought 900 moves is a barrier which cannot be defeated. Now, I think 960 moves is all what I can do! Cube was solved 37 times, i did 4-move algorithm 226 times and my average is 15,1 mps.20060515
2768 movesPéter Rókan/a20080224
3741 movesJohannes LaireR U R' U'20060510
4736 movesBrent MorganI did this right after lubing my cube. I did a 4 move algorithm 184 times. (4)(184) = 736. This can be beaten. Visit my site!20060224
5732 movesJay WooI did it on the way to pleasantville and I did 183 4 move algorithms and that was my best so far. I had finger cramp.20071106
6724 movesMike TryczakUsing RUR'U' 181 times. A sustained 12 twists per second, I don't think I can go much faster. Unfortunately I didn't get a video of this one, but my webcam is pretty low quality anyway. An old video of 676 moves.20050611
7720 movesBlazej MorgalaUsing a magical algorithm of Adam Wojtyla ;P Few days of training. I think I can do more than 800 moves. In this, I've got ~12 tps. But in the beginning it's about 18 tps ;)20071213
8672 movesMarcos Kawakamin/a20070529
9664 movesNorbert HantosDoing R' F R U' 166 times. It was pretty hard in the end. I will be faster!20060507
10648 movesRyan KomrskaYep.. I'll proboly never beat this. 27 cycles of R U Ri Ui.20070725
11624 movesThomas WatiotienneI did [RU] 26 times but my left thumb hurts so much!!
I know I can be better!
11624 movesTyler YarnelliR U' R' U20080729
13620 movesJoël van NoortRUR'U'RUR'U'RUR'U'RUR'U'RUR'U' etc. Could have been a little more if I didn't have a piece POP that took me 2 seconds to correct.20070119
14614 movesAnssi VanhalaI've done 129 with feet.20061223
15612 movesDerrick EideWOW! I didn't think that i was capable of this. I used one of my other cubes and wow just look at the difference! (^^;20061208
15612 movesRonald Herbert Dunphyfaster.20071204
17600 movesStijn van GilsI did L U' L' U exactly 150 times20060208
18592 movesJaroslaw Krzyzanowskimy left thumb..20060914
19564 movesOlivér NagyI used the U R' U' R algorithm and I repeated it 141 times.
I've got it on video, witch you can find on my homepage.
20556 movesAlan TanUsing R U R' U' XP
I'm surprised. I didn't think I was this fast =] Then again it's a reptitive alg. so it makes sense >.
21542 movesJoseph LiaoI decided to give this a try, I am not very dexterious but I can do this move pretty long: B'R'UR (props to Macky for this algorithm :)) My site. 
22540 movesErik AkkersdijkDoing BR'B'R 135 times. Improvement is required.20060526
23528 movesBob BurtonI did RUR'U' 132 times in 59.xx seconds. My cube still needs a bit of lube, though. A minute is too long to do this. :P20050728
24520 movesChris Hardwick8 move alg (R'UR'U'RU'RU) repeated 65 times. 
25504 movesJohn TamanasI did it R' F R U' 21 times very good for me.20070923
26480 movesJacob RuethCould have done a lot more if my wrists were being nice. Don't worry I sent them to the corner so hopefully they'll do better next time. 
26480 movesAnthony BenisI did R U R' U' and saw the cube solved 20 times (every 24 moves).20070814
28476 movesStephen Potvinbeen a while since i beat my old record. But i finally did it, and by a large margin20060210
29468 movesNico ElaydaDid R U R' U' 117 times. I slowed down on the last few seconds my wrists were tired.20080127
30456 movesSunil Pedapudiowwww..I beat my old record that I set yesterday.19*24 moves I gotta keep getting better..or else! right? am I right? =D 
30456 movesHadley SheffieldOw. My hands are really sore now.20080415
30456 movesJeffrey Zhang7.6 mps :) Weird thing was, my fingers didn't hurt.
A loose cube helps. Mine is so loose the cube popped 3 pieces when I dropped it :(
33452 movesBrad SimpsonL'ULF' 113 times. Could be better.
7.53 moves/second
34448 movesAlex LockwoodI did the 4 move algorithm R U R' U a total of 112 times. Definitely room for improvement. The last 10 seconds is tough, but I still like this better than actually solving the thing :p.20070531
35448 secondsBen ZollerRUR'U'20080626
36444 movesRichard PattersonUsing an '' adjusted'' corner orientation R U R' U R U2 R' U'. Stricter rules showing the hurt already :P 
37436 movesEvan Gatesrepeated R U R' U' 109 times took a couple times to do it without popping and ouch that hurts. 
38428 movesTakuma ShirahaseMy site20070617
39425 movesUmmon KarpeNow that I got my cube4you cube decided to give ti a try. The standard LUL'U' (I am left handed). Hoping to get 480 per minute (two sets per second).20071117
40424 movesJosh Bergthis category is harder than i thought. R U R' U' 106 times.20070814
41420 movesPierra Gagnon105 RUR'U' in one minute. My hands hurt20080716
42413 movesRobert SchlichtI got this yesterday, and my hands have been cramping all day today.20080116
43408 movesManan ThakkarUsed R U R' U'. Tried it three times, got 404 the first time, 408 the second time, and 407 the third time. I can still feel the pain.20070404
43408 movesJosh SmithFirst try, 29 T perms.20071209
45406 movesDaniel De VeraL' U' L U 101.5 times = 406 moves. this made me sweat.20070609
46404 movesNathaniel ChristianJust did RUR'U' a bunch of times. Coulda done better if my hand muscles didn't catch on first in the last 10 secs. LIONS ALL THE WAY! 
47401 movesJames WilloughbyRUR'U' 100 times and add 1
Just lubed up the cube and thought i'd give it a shot or two
48396 movesAaron McGhieR'URU' 99 times. So close to 400 moves20060626
49395 movesLian Parkdid the alg RUR'U'20070808
50386 movesKenneth GustavssonL' U' L U 96,5 times = 6.4 m/s.20060920
51370 movesAlex Kumakin/a20080224
52366 movesMichael AtkinsonAfter realizing that I could do 207 moves one handed per minute, and 250 two handed per minute, I realized I had to up my two handed time. I succeeded. 
53361 movesTimo Karvonen3rd try.20070512
54360 movesRyan JewI did R U R' U' 90 times. My hand HURT.20080414
54360 movesChris MeusburgerYeah! R U R' U' works a lot better now. I got the algorithm 80 times and saw the cube solved 16 times!
My hands are burning!
56357 movesWuqiong Fan119 RUR' done on a not lubed cube, I could probably get 500 on a good cube.20071103
57343 movesAdam SherwoodRepeated the Petrus Sune 49 times. This hurts. 
58342 movesNoah Hevey[R'URU'] x 85.520060423
59338 movesBordage BertrandI did 8 moves 169 times from Rouen, France. It was not very difficult to do it. You can find an old video of 888 moves.
Note from Chris: The algorithm used was essentially (U4R4) which counts as only 2 moves
60336 movesAdam TonksDid R U R'U' 14 times. Probably could do better.20071027
61328 movesAndrew Roley82*(r,B,R',U) follow up a pull with the trigger finger on B with a pull with the middle finger on U. Only got stuck a couple of times.20070507
62320 movesRandy FithianI am getting better at this.20060326
63296 movesHanson SoI did the moves R'URU' at a resteraunt. I'm proud of myself for this accomplishment. 
64280 movesChristopher Mullerusing R' U R U'20080511
65274 movesBouvier ArnaudThis is very good !!!!!! But I can do better. I did it the 6 april 2004 from Rouen, in France. I did a 8 moves algorithm 137 times and I am going to break my record after.
Note from Chris: The algorithm used was essentially (U4R4) which counts as only 2 moves
66264 movesAlesander PurasI use the L'U'L U moves. It's a low ranking but take to account that I have 15 years. (This hurts a lot.)20070925
67256 movesEirik Strřmn/a20080126
68250 movesChris Moyer-GriceI can do better. 
69240 movesGuillaume LamontagneNothing better than ham to lube a cube!