Rubik´s 3x3x3 Cube: Most people trained to solve (in person)
1188DD CrowI teach a lot of people how to solve rubik in Indonesia, about 200 person, but I can only remember 188 of them, and now I'm the president of Indonesian Cube Association (ICA)20071022
2108Ricky Seatoni trained a college class in southern illinois. I also trained my family and friends, as well as my sisters friends. It takes a while to teach but once they first solve it the smile is just enough to want to teach more20080430
3100John LouisI have trained more than 100 students in a school in Tamil Nadu, India. Out of which around 25 students continue to enjoy cubing and improving. Twice I conducted a friendly competition for them. Each time 20 students participated. First competition in dec-2006, fastest solve is 80 sec and avg is 92 sec. In the second competition in jan 2007, fastest is 54 sec and avg is 71 sec. All of them were sub 2 min. 20070402
3100Juan Joaquin Fuentes MartinezI am a teacher of Mathematics at "Sabina Mora" High School in Roldán, located in the Region of Murcia (Spain).
In the optative of Mathematics, I proposed my students to solve the Rubik's cube, and 100 students (among the 400 attending the High School) have already got it,some of them solve it in less 2 minutes.
They are about 12-16 years old.
580Justin ViningNathan, Eric, Ryan, Eric, Grant, Isaac, Todd, Adam, Will, Dave, Adam, Curt, Miguel, Chirag, Josh, Aaron, Pete, Traves, Mike, Kyle, Joe, Wes, Dan, Cory, Tutuer, Annie, Phil, Garry, Brad, Matt, Craig, James, Phil, Colin, Matt, Julie, Clint, Scott, Matt, Aaron, Nick, Brian, Jeff, Nathan, Craig, Jim, Chris, Grant, Korby, Chazz, Mike, Will, Clewin, Mark, Ben, Tony, Matt, Winston, Dave, Parker, Jordan, Scott, Nick, Steve, Matt, Random Girl, Matt, Chris, Nick, Tony, Roman, Ben, Sarah, Roger, Patrick, Chris, Zach, Mark, Logan, random guy at the crag.20061209
642Sydney LiuTaught most of the kids on the cruise and other friends.20070918
735Andrew RoleyYes! Finally back in the top three! (that statement in this category probably displays my nerdiness, but oh well) People trained:James K, Tim B, Eric W, Mr. Warren, Steven P, Kellen B, My sister, Joel R, Paul R, Melanie B, Josh S, Andy B, Danni M, Henry S, Ryan L, Quinn A, Kendall O, Catherine K, Sarah F, Blake Z, Dave C, Ryan I, Jordan W, Dale W, Nick G, Monica, Derek C, some guy at a bbq, Julia, Eric B, Connor W, Max B, Kayley D, Alex G, Andrada B20070608
735François Reitter15 friends and a presentation in front of 20persons; 3 of them did it under the minute in 3weeks.20071023
934Alex CourrauWhat have I done.
Cameron, Red, Anya, Victor, Garret, Jeff, other Garret, Ryan, Ben, Melissa, Matt, Dan, Josh, Brad, Adam, Tyler, other Josh, Mark, Kara, Rick, Warren, Ben #2, Katie, Taylor, Nathan, Ethan, Kerry, Preston, Roger, Becky, Corin, Kimiko, Bryana, Kelsey
1021Youyang GuI taught two classes (February 2007 and 2008.
1120Noah HeveyEvan L, Tim S, Ryan P, Jared H, Scott R, Micheal W, Ben J, random kids 1-5, Chris S, Alyssa C, Sofia M, Zach D, Drew Q, Kyle C, Gaylen M, Thomas.20061001
1120Steven BeringerIt's easily way more than this from high school, swim meets, road trips, and college together. I'll count for real sometime.20080116
1319Brent MorganI believe I started Cubing around spring of 2002. Since then, I have taught the following people; (MHS): Jason Willoughby, A.J. Coggins, Luke S., David Ball, Tim White, Quintin Brock, Brandon Busby; (UHS): Jordan Ross, Kyle Boardman, Brandon O'Brien, Manuel Valencia, Mitch Wilson, Josephine Valenzuela, James Liu, Thomas Oh, Zach Raves, Mathew Hom, John McGuire; Logan Bird. There might be more that I can't think of at the moment, but I'm currently showing more. Now thinking about it, the Cube and I have gone places that make me reminisce about many, many good memories, that are too Great to forget. A lot of good friends in this list. Cuberz for life. My site.20051113
1416Erik AkkersdijkTom, Robin, Zyon, Marco, Marianna, Ronald, Mart, Hichem, Raymond, Joris, Evert, Bart, Michiel, Jochem, Ben, Johannes. More will come20080107
1515Max McConaugheyIts crazy what happens when u bring a cube to school and solve it for people in 30 sec's they go mad! Well after everyone know in school i can solve one like 30 people went out and bought noe i have taught about 25 but not all of them have gotten it yet.20071201
1515Charlie ConleyIn chronological order: I trained 1 friend on a Mission Trip, another on a UIL trip, 2 more during lunch periods at school, and 1 on a different UIL trip. 1 at school during gym class, and then my sister in spare time.
I trained Chelsea and Kameron. I trained 3 more but I don't know when.
I trained 1 more kid in P.E. and taught one during art class.
Another one in P.E.
1713Ronald Herbert Dunphywind through trees, water over rocks, feet atop leaves.20070825
1812Adam BakerI am one of the nearly 50 people Justin Vining has taught. I learned the cube last fall and in that time taught at least taught 12 people. I know I have forgotten a couple of people probably, but if I remember I'll update it later. For the record here's the peeps I've taught: Nic, Courtney, James, Szytec, Durban, Quinn, Eric, Scott, Steve, Ryan, Cory, Jeff. In a way Justin has taught all of these people too. I've been in his dorm many times where he had so many people in there trying to learn that he couldn't teach them all and had to tell some to come back later. Now that's commitment, lol. 
1812Everest ShiHahaz, I've ish taught a lot of miscellaneous people (and not just handing them a booklet, etc). Great Job cubing guys!20080523
2010Thomas Watiotienneso. first I began by me! an then Cyrille, Antony, Victor, Eric, Pierre, Aurélien, Damien, Alison, Christophe, Manon
The more the Rubik's will be learnt, the more it will be done!