Rubikīs 4x4x4 Cube: Youngest solver
15 years 3 months 19 daysDaniŽl HopAfter 3 weeks of practising DaniŽl solved the revenge.
This solve was with oll parity. His age; 5 years 3 months and 19 days.
26 years 204 daysYoshiki YumotoHe made a mark on his record at Machida Open 2007 held on 28th Jan. His records were 1:59.79 as the best single and 2:25.47 as average of five. He is still now really taking pleasure in solving cubes every day.20070326
37 years 74 daysPhilip Bergh SveenJipppi! I solved the 4x4x4 cube just 4 days after I recieved it in the mail. I used 22 minutes. 20080523
47 years 208 daysRebecca HugheyThis was the first day Rebecca did solves that involved OLL and PLL parity without any help. Her first parity solve without any help had PLL parity, and was 5:56.20080525
57 years 11 months 12 daysWiktoria ZborowskaFirst solve, without any kind of help :) Wiktoria from Poland. 
68 years 175 daysKaho IdekawaIt was solved for the first time on April 10, 2006.
Everyday time is about 3 minutes.
My Official record:4 min 23.17 sec (double parity),tokyo2006.
78 years 237 daysBernett OrlandoAlthough , the 4*4*4 revenge cube is not available in India, one of my relatives brought it from America and presented me as 2005 new year gift. I solved it 5 times today and my best is 17 min and the max time is 21 min. 20050115
88 yearsSiu King Hayn/a20080112
99Jason SoI put my mind to it. "We bought a 4x4x4 from the mall, and we brought it home. He immediately started playing with it and tried to learn from the internet how to solve it. He memorized a bunch of algorithms and went to sleep. The next morning was a school day. When I got back from home, he proudly announced to me that he was able to solve it. It's just amazing." -Hanson (I'm his brother) 
1010Lawrence WanWhen my 4x4x4 came from the mail, i tried simulating it like a 2x2x2. but for some reason, i messed up. i mixed it up. threw it on the floor and didn't play with it for a month. i started going on the internet and trying to find how to solve it and i learned how. best time it think 4 minutes i guess.20070617
1010Justin LeIm so happy. I bought the cube on Ebay and it came on Christmas eve. I was so happy when i saw a brown box on my front door step. I was practicing with a coputer cube for a few weeks earlier and I started to get the hang of it. Of course it was a lot similar to the 3 by 3 by 3 so i didn't have a hard time. Im so happy. Now i can show my friends!20071231
1210 years 5 monthsAsa Kaplann/a20080208
1311 years 3 monthsNicholas Leungn/a20080402
1411 years 5 monthsTony JiangFinally solved rubik's revenge thanks to Dan Brown's videos.20080104
1511 years 8 monthsMichael BlakemanIt was an extremely lucky solve. I don't think I could do it again.20070202
1611Raiza Mativolearning the 4x4x4 is easier to learn when you know how to solve a 3x3x3. all you need to know is how to pair edges and fix centres which is not hard. thanks to my older brother who taught me. 20060521
1611Daniel Zhengoll parity20070523
1611Marcel PassonI'm 11 years old and I can solve the Revenge Cube.20080102