Rubikīs 5x5x5 Cube: Youngest solver
15 years 9 months 25 daysDaniŽl HopDaniel started practising the 5x5 a week ago when we learned the method of pairing up from Arnaud (thanks Arnaud!). His first solve without any help took him about 35 minutes.20070519
26 years 261 daysYoshiki YumotoHe is recently reached to the achievement solving 5x5 cube, and he succeeded in five solvings with the records such as 3:49.28 (4:18.26) 3:49.32 3:56.45 (3:40.34). He will be participant in Osaka 2007 competition held on 31st in this month, and he will try to establish his official record.20070328
38 years 73 daysCallum MoseleyI tried a few times and I finally got it without any help.20070712
48 years 346 daysKaho IdekawaIt was solved for the first time on August 28, 2006.
The first challenge took 5 days.
The second challenge took 5 hours.
Target time is 5 minutes.
58 yearsSiu King Hayn/a20080304
69 years 26 daysBernett OrlandoBernett is trying something everyday and coming out successful. Today, he solved the 5*5*5 cube in 20 odd min on his own without any tutoring. Only yesterday we imported 5*5*5 cube from Mefferts. In his very second attempt, he solved it in 17 min and 50 sec.20050618
710 yearsLawrence Wanmy mini eastsheen 5x5x5 came in mail i realized it was a lot like the 4x4x4. i solve most of it intuion (dont know how to spell) and i solved it 5 hours and 30 minutes after it came. it was fun!!!20070709
811 years 3 monthsNicholas Leungn/a20080402
911 years 4 monthsNicholas MeyerI used the same algorythms as the three by three20080430
1011 years 7 monthsHyunwook LeeI am only 11 years and 7 months and I can solve the Professor Cube.20071016
1111 years 211 daysUmar Qattanmy first solve was in 8:0.87 minutes and now im 13 and my times now are 2:35.88 minutes.20071227
1211 years 8 monthsMichael Blakeman20070204
1311 years 9 months 3 daysDouwe Wermermy time was 16:03.54! This is my third post on this website.
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1411 yearsBahman Ahmadeiani use a in efficent method for the 5x5x5 i average about 10 min20070406
1411 yearsCamden Dwellei can solve it in 2 minutes app. 25 seconds20070409
1612 years 2 monthsPatrick WongI um... watched utube video?20080422
1712 years 210 daysYoshihiko Matushitan/a20060202
1812 years 338 daysRyan Jewi solved it using what i know about the 4x4x4. first time it took me 45 min (very little concentration) , the next time it took me 16.5 min ( good concentration)20080414
1912Shotaro MakisumiBack then I didn't know about 2x2x2, 4x4x4, or 5x5x5. 
1912Jaime LiewI can't believe that I finished the 5x5x5 without any help (apart from 3x3 and 4x4 knowledge)
1912Son Seul-GiIn Rubik's Cube Korean Championship 2006, Korean Cuber Son Seul-Gi Solved the 5x5x5 Cube in Only 9:22.87. Son was born in 2 Dec, 1993 and the record was set in 22 Jan, 2006.20060122
1912Harris Chanit was actually long times ago.on a computer was a lot easier than 4x4.20060302
1912Alex PuseyI solved this one a while ago20060709
1912Michal Halczukn/a20060905
1912Ryosuke Higon/a20070329
1912Patrick JamesonFavorite cube20070509
1912Brendan Trinherr.. i just sorta. played around with it and den i tried to solve it.. used mainly wat i use for hte 3x3 cube!20070529
1912Justin TangI'm very slow at the 5x5x5. I solved it a few days after I gotten my first Eastsheen 5x5x5..20070718
1912Robbie Hooken/a20070824
1912Baian LiuWow20080111
1912Ngei-Ning Laui just found out how to solve the centers myself then i started to use 4x4x4 edge methods then i used some of the last edge algs and solved it.
very fun