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best competition time of 13.28 would win many events in 1981. Now times of 7 to 11 seconds are needed to beat a best time in a competition. My getting a 13.81 sec in competition:
Ton's  Speedcubing
It is hard to  recommend what kind is best suitable for speedcubing, I prefer the Rubik's DIY kist from But there are now many more good speedcube, in short the type you need depens also an your style of speedcubing. The Rubik's DIY is most suitable for a smooth style, with the cube tight adjusted. Where e.g Type F , is suitable for speedy finger tricks. Cubes used by top speedcubers  DIY:
cube4you    Type A II:
Hybrid        Type B cubies, Rubik's DIY core
cube4you    Type C:
cube4you    Type F
Edison cube

Making a speedcube DIY kits

My WCA Records and scores