Registration for the World Rubik's Cube Championship 2009 is required.
Registration has closed on July 31, 2009, except for special cases.
There is a limited number of places for all competitors in all events, depending on the competitor's results in earlier WCA competitions.

The World Rubik's Cube Championship 2009 is open to competitors from all countries of all ages.
Participation is free. The entrance to the venue is free for registered competitors and registered guests (max. 2 per competitor).
Other guests are welcome in the public area of the venue. Entrance fee is 3 EUR per day, children of 10 years old or younger have free entrance.

People under 18 must first ask their parents/guardians for permission, before registering.
When registering you agree with the application of the WCA regulations for the championship.

Registration is open via the registration form below.
All competitors must also register on-site at the beginning of the competition. It is not possible to add events during on-site registration.

Catering is provided in the venue, and at the party on Saturday night.
A catering voucher costs 15 euro per person (competitor/guest) for the weekend.

Registration form

Please fill in your data in the form below. All fields must be entered.
We will only use your personal data for the World Rubik's Cube Championship 2009. We will not distribute your personal data to other persons or companies without your explicit permission.
Please note that according to the WCA regulations your name, country, date-of-birth, gender and competition results are public information.
After receiving your registration, we send you a confirmation via e-mail within a few days. We will also keep you informed by e-mail with newsletters.
If you want to change your registration, then please send us an e-mail with the changes. Please also send us an e-mail if you find out that you cannot compete.